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Heritage Bogwangsa Temple, Paju


Bogwangsa Temple, Paju1
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    87, Bogwang-ro 474beon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Among the many kings of the Joseon Dynasty, nobody would hesitate in choosing King Jeongjo as the most filial king. In addition to King Jeongjo, King Yeongjo, who was King Jeongjo’s grandfather, also showed devoted filial love to his mother. King Yeongjo’s mother Sukbin Choe came to the royal palace as a maid; she later became a royal concubine of King Sukjong and gave birth to a baby who became King Yeongjo. In the TV drama Dong Yi, she was depicted as the main character Dong Yi. Bogwangsa Temple was the Buddhist sanctuary for the grave of Sukbin Choi, Soryeongwon, and it received royal benefaction until the late period of the Joseon Dynasty.

King Yeongjo had extensive remodeling done on Daeungbojeon Hall and Manseru Gatehouse at Bogwangsa Temple and personally wrote the signboard of Daeungbojeon. The currently remaining signboard is known to have been written by King Yeongjo.

Bogwangsa Temple’s Daeungbojeon has a unique exterior wall that cannot be found from other temples. Other temples usually applied lime plaster on the walls, except the façade that had doors, but Bogwangsa Temple’s Daeungbojeon had wood siding walls covering the back and left and right sides of the hall. Furthermore, 10 wood siding walls had murals that presented an appropriate mixture of Buddhist paintings and folk paintings. They included Banyayongseon, a painting depicting a boat used to go to the Land of Happiness, three men carrying a big boulder where Water-moon Avalokitesvara clad in white robe and a young boy are sitting, several Buddhist saints sitting on splendid lotus flowers, and a divine guardian and an elephant protecting Buddha. A white tiger that often appears in folk paintings can also be seen. Viewing the murals feels like touring a museum of art.

Left: a close shot of the splendid techniques and design of the bottom of the temple's roof. / Middle: a side view of the exterior of the temple. / Right: an indoor view of the temple with the golden statue of Buddha.