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[Column] Time to meet Guardian~

On a bright day, I visited dal.komm Coffee, a filming location for the popularly aired TV drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. When you watch the drama, you will...

[Column] Unique Halloween festivals

Recently, with the foreign cultural event “Halloween” becoming popular in Korea, unique Halloween festivals that feature Korean sensibility with added elements are being held. Everland is offering family-oriented contents for...

[Column] City of Porcelain, Icheon

Icheon City, which is within an hour’s drive from Seoul, is well-known for its porcelain festival that is held every year in Seolbong Park every summer. It is also famous...

[Column] Anseong City Tour

This section introduces Anseong where families and friends can leisurely take a tour while enjoying fresh air. Anseong is operating a high-quality tour every Saturday for visitors to see various...
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