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Notice and Event

[Event] Boksagol Festival

Boksagol is famous for its peach produce. Peach trees blossom pink flowers in spring.   The name Boksagol is like China’s legendary fairyland, and it means “the best village where...

[Event] Hwaseong Marine Festival

Hwaseong Marine Festival will be held for 3 days in Jeongokhang Port, which used to be the center of marine trading in the East in the olden times.   It...

[Event] Gapyeong Craft Beer Festival

Gapyeong Craft Beer Festival is Korea’s largest beer festival held by Kabrew, Korea’s best craft beer brewery located in Gapyeong. Some 20 beer companies, including Korean craft beer companies as...

[Event] Dumehyanggi along with starlight

The 365-day Starlight Festival is held in Dumehyanggi, a sannamul (wild vegetables) theme park in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do Province. The place is close to Seoul, and transportation is convenient, so there...
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