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[Event] The best festivals in autumn Ⅱ

#1. Icheon Rice Cultural Festival (Oct. 18-22) Icheon has been famous for its rice which was offered to the king for royal meals in olden times. Following its reputation, the...

[Event] The best festivals in autumnⅠ

Travels round Gyeonggi-do in October, adding to the appeal of its best scenery   #1. Sanjeong Lake Myeongseongsan Silver Grass Festival (Oct. 13-15) Fantastic Silver Grass Festival will be held under the theme...

[Notice] Shuttle bus for foreign travelers

Shuttle bus for foreign travelers goes around Gyeonggi-do Special service only for foreign individual travelers!! Convenient fast shuttle from downtown Seoul to Gyeonggi-do!! Free Wi-Fi & multi-language guide!! EG-Shuttle –...

[Notice] Korean Traditional Snacks-Must Eat!!

<<Korean Traditional Snacks>> Traditional Korean Sweets Korean traditional snack foods are called hangwa. They include yumil, yugwa (deep-fried sweet rice cakes), yakgwa (traditional honey cookies), jeonggwa (preserved fruit in honey),...
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