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The best festivals in autumn Ⅱ

#1. Icheon Rice Cultural Festival (Oct. 18-22) Icheon has been famous for its rice which was offered to the king for royal meals in olden times. Following its reputation, the...

The best festivals in autumnⅠ

Travels round Gyeonggi-do in October, adding to the appeal of its best scenery   #1. Sanjeong Lake Myeongseongsan Silver Grass Festival (Oct. 13-15) Fantastic Silver Grass Festival will be held under the theme...

Shuttle bus for foreign travelers

Shuttle bus for foreign travelers goes around Gyeonggi-do Special service only for foreign individual travelers!! Convenient fast shuttle from downtown Seoul to Gyeonggi-do!! Free Wi-Fi & multi-language guide!! EG-Shuttle –...

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