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Winter fishing festivals

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#1. Yangpyeong Smelt Festival

‘Yangpyeong Smelt Festival’ will be held at the Baekdong Reservoir from December 23, 2017 to February 18, 2018. Baekdong Reservoir, which is situated in a deep forest of Yangpyeong, has been constructing smelt resources since 1992 and it has now become a famous smelt fishing site, surrounded by beautiful scenery.


Visitors can enjoy smelt fishing and enjoy various winter games in a spacious area.


– Smelt experience: Smelt fishing, smelt catching with a net, smelt tasting

– Winter play: Korean traditional games, ice sledding, ice bike, ATV

Period:  2017.12.23(Sat.)~2018.02.18(Sun)

Place: Baekdong fishing spot

Address: 269-19, Baekdong-gil, Danwol-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here

#2. Yangju Trout Festival

Yangju city is very famous for its beautiful mountains and clear water. Various events will be held at Yeongok Reservoir, which is located on a plain surrounded by Bulgoksan and Noasan mountains in Yangju.


During the Yangju Trout Festival, which offers many things to see, enjoy and experience, visitors can appreciate romantic winter atmosphere while enjoying smelt catching experience, a wish lantern flying event, and snow sledging, in addition to trout-catching experience


-Trout fishing, smelt catching experience site, trout catching with bare hand, snowflake photo zone

-Free experience programs: Wish lantern flying event, snow sledging, ice sledding, ice top-spinning game, kite flying

Period: 2017.12.22(Fri.)~2018.02.25(Sun.)

Place: Yeongok reservoir

Address: 100, Yeongok-ro 182beon-gil, Baekseok-eup, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here

#3. Paju Trout Festival

There is an event which is held every winter. That is ice fishing. Paju Trout Festival is held this winter without fail.


The festival will warm up the mind and body of tourists even in cold weather. Tourists can have a memorable time with family and friends.

Trout ice fishing, snow sledging site, Korean traditional ice sledding site, trout catching event with bare hands, children’s event of catching smelt with a net

Period: 2017.12.23(Sat.)~2018.02.18(Sun.)

Place: Gwangtan leisure town

Address: 194-42, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here

#4. Anseong Smelt Festival

Experience various winter leisure and sports such smelt fishing on winter ice, snow flake photo zone, ice sledding, snow sledging, folk play experience, and catching fish with bare hands. Gwanghyewon Reservoir, where Anseong Smelt Festival is held, is a typical valley-type high-quality water reservoir which is connected to the water current of Charyeong Mountain Range. It is a large reservoir, occupying an area of 180,000 pyeong, which represents Anseong City, Gyeonggi-do Province.


It boasts clean water free of contaminants in addition to beautiful surrounding scenery. The first Smelt Festival was held in 2012 based on its smelt resources that have been formed for the past 20 years.


– Smelt fishing, water fishing experience site, snow flake photo zone

– Free experience programs: Smelt/Trout catching with bare hands, snow sledging, ice sledding, ice top-spinning game, kite flying

Period: 2017.12.23(Sat.)~2018.02.25(Sun)

Place: Dugyorigwangheawon reservoir 

Address: 90, Dumehosu-ro, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here



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