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Herb Island Flea Market Night Market

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As an herb theme park located in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, Herb Island has opened a European flea market full of vintage products directly transported from France, and it is being operated as a night market version for busy city people who cannot leave for a vacation. The night market of the European Flea Market is open until 11pm (10 pm starting August 16).


There is a corner selling antique items procured by CEO Im Ok from the Paris Flea Market, collectible ceramic platters and kitchen utensils that will grab women’s attention, including a lace store that has reproduced the lace market on Murano Island in Italy and a store of colorful summer ornaments and D.I.Y. incense that will fill the hot summer with herbal fragrance.

The ceramics corner and mother-of-pearl lacquerware corner are created by inviting master artisans in Pocheon.


Corners featuring hand-knitting, leather crafts, and wood crafts operated directly by master artisans will be opened in the future. Special experience-oriented activities such as an experience of making air-filtering plants that provide green therapy effect and an experience of making flower vinegar can also be tried.

After passing the daytime full of herbal fragrance, the night flea market will be filled with aroma coming from a steak box and a shrimp box as well as various market foods that will surely leave your stomach happy and satisfied.


 In addition, visitors can enjoy a famous herbal fragrance shower festival and a 365 lighting fairytale festival as a special vacationing method; on weekends, they can enjoy watching belly dance at the Venice outdoor performance site.

Have an exotic summer vacation on Pocheon Herb Island, which will surely beat the hot summer heat. It has great accessibility due to the opening of the Guri-Pocheon expressway, a mere 50-minute drive from Seoul.


      [Contents of Night Market of European Flea Market]

    – European Flea Market: antique platters and items directly transported from Paris / Herb D.I.Y Event site

    – Pocheon Master Artisans’ Crafts: ceramics, mother-of-pearl lacquerware (items to be added in the future: leather crafts, knitting crafts, wood crafts)

    -Nighttime Food: steak, shrimp garlic stir-fried rice, chicken, hotdog, tornado potato, refreshing summer beverages

    -Summer Play Event: bare hand-catching of loach – Fees for 10min (2,000 won), ground fountain

    -Herbal Fragrance Shower Festival / 365 lighting fairytale festival




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