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Idong Rib Barbecue Festival in Pocheon

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The 5th Pocheon Idong Rib Barbecue Festival will be held in Baegun Valley, a representative recreation site in Pocheon. This event is organized by the village’s Farming Association Corporation, not by restaurants. Pocheon is famous for its clean water and Idong makgeolli (rice wine).


Enjoying Idong ribs and makgeolli while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Baegun Valley will provide a fantastic experience. While eating delicious ribs, immerse your feet in the cool valley stream to beat the summer heat. The venue of the festival has a swimming pool for family-unit visitors to have a more fun summer vacation.


Period: July 21(Fri.)~August 27(Sat.)

Place: The square of the Cultural Exchange Center

Address: 2381, Hwadong-ro, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here


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