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Bamdokkaebi Festival at Yongmun Millennium Sijang (Market)

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In August, the area in front of the Yongmun Millennium Sijang (Market) will get hot. 8090 songs that are very familiar to Korean housewives will be played, and a dance song singing contest will be held. Since the festival will be held in front of the market, visitors can enjoy the festival while shopping at the market or touring nearby tourist sites.


The fun of the music festival will be heightened by a DJ. An exciting stage will unfold focusing on the 8090 dance songs played by the DJ and will make the audience go wild. As nighttime advances, visitors can enjoy a chicken and beer party along with dance music. 450cc draft beer will be sold for 1000 won. Various events such as watermelon eating contest, dance battle, and couple events will be held, and giveaway gifts will be offered.


Period: August 5 (19~23 P.M.)

Place: Yongmun Market Square, a thousand years

Address: 11, Yongmunsijang 2-gil, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun,

Trasportation: Tranfer the line to Gyeonggui Line at Hoegi station and get off at Yongmun. Walk 433 to Yongmun Market Square after going out of the gate no.1



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