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“Heaven, Wind, Stars, and Poems” Exhibition – Datz Museum of Art

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Artists convey different ideas with their pens and brushes using their own languages. Perhaps, due to that common factor, paintings and poems can seem like close friends that sometimes, we are left with an impression far deeper than a simple message. If you happen to set foot in Gwangju during a season suited for traveling, drop by the Datz Museum of Art; a very special private exhibition where poems and paintings come together as one awaits you.


Barbara Bosworth, who is known to Korean audiences for the exhibition Flow and DARKNESS and the book Behold, is holding an exhibition of her photographic works together with the poems of late poet Yun Dong-ju who is renowned for his work Heaven, Wind, Stars, and Poems. At this exhibition titled “Heaven, Wind, Stars, and Poems,” you will be able to view Bosworth’s photographs of the beautiful night sky lights. You will also get to read the poems of Yun Dong-ju like Foreword, A Night of Counting Stars, Moonlit Night, and Glow of a Firefly, which will leave lingering afterthoughts in your mind.


The chairs placed at various selected spots are a must-try. Take a seat in the chairs placed differently ― the sights of the poems, photographs, and exhibition hall itself will reveal themselves to be the key highlights of viewing this exhibition.

Your viewing experiences can be doubly enriched by participating in the bridge programs offered by the museum in May.

May 27 (Saturday) Workshop on Making Handmade Notes (2:00-4:00 pm/ 4-5 people, first-come, first-serve basis)

 The handmade note making class will add extra fun to your museum visit.

May 28 (Sunday) Archiving Lecture – Museum lectures given by the curator (3:00-5:00 pm / 5-10 people, first-come, first-serve basis).

In this lecture, the curator talks about the production process and design of artist books on exhibits produced by Datz Press. After the lecture, you will come to appreciate more the world of artists and books of artworks.

May 31 (Wednesday) Wednesday Art Talk – Museum art talk hosted by an educator (3:00-5:00 pm).

This two-hour talk session hosted by an educator targets teenagers. The educator will talk about the lives of two artists and their works. The session will cover new contents that students would not have come across in their regular school classes.

You need to make a reservation to attend the program.



Date : 2017. 4. 8 Sat – 7. 2 Sun

Address : 184, Jinsaegol-gil, Daessangnyeong-ri, Chowol-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Transportation : Get on at the Pangyo Station and get off at the Chowol Station, then transfer to bus no.114 and get off at the Chowol Library & Choworeup Office. Walk1.86 km.

Inquiries : +82-31-798-2581, E-mail : museum@datzpress.com

Website : Click here


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