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Unaksan Autumn Leaves Festival 2016

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Unaksan Autumn Leaves Festival 2016




Pocheon City of Gyeonggi-do Province is holding the 14th “Unaksan Autumn Leaves Festival” at Unak Plaza of Unaksan Mountain in Hwahyun-myeon on October 23. The festival is Hwahyun-myeon’s representative festival. By taking advantage of the short distance from Seoul (only one hour away from Seoul), it is becoming the best maple festival in the metropolitan area. This year, it plans to hold a ritual for mountain spirit, a congratulatory performance, a singing contest, a food market, some experience-oriented events, and a performance by popular singers. In particular, various programs will be offered for visitors to have an enjoyable day along with hiking, such as making bead bracelet for children, singing contest for hikers, and sale of Pocheon’s specialty produce (ginseng, makgeolli, apple, grapes).

Period: Oct 23, 2016

Location: Hwahyeonri, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Venue: Approach to Unaksan Mountain (Unak Plaza)

Inquiries: Hwahyeon-myeon Office +82-31-538-4748

Website: http://www.pcs21.net (Pocheon-si Office)



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