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Daebu Haesolgil Trail Walking Event

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Ansan City is holding the Daebu Haesolgil Trail Walking event on September 24 to celebrate its 30th year of being upgraded to a city as well as the 43rd Tourism Day. The walking event seeks to promote the tourism resources of Daebudo as a treasure island and to develop the event as the island’s representative festival. Among the four courses of Daebu Haesolgil Trail, the walking event will be held at the 5-km course between Mechuri Island and Daenam Elementary School. The walking course is near the sea, tideland, seashell path, and habitat of a salt plant, chilmyeoncho (Suaeda japonica), so it is perfect for enjoying natural scenery and marine ecology and as an educational location for children.

Fee: KRW 12,000

Onsite application available – Until the morning of September 24



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