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LetsRun Park Whinny World Opening Ceremony

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LetsRun Park Whinny World Opening Ceremony

An event to celebrate the opening of the world’s first horse theme park within Gwacheon LetsRun Park will be held on September 28. Whinny World consists of 10 villages and 44 experience-oriented spaces. Visitors can have various experiences in characteristic villages, such as “Western Town,” which is a reproduction of the Western Age of the US during the 19th century, “Science Tech” for children who dream of becoming an Edison in the 21st century, and “Art Plaza” and “Magic Village,” which produce world-class artists and magicians, respectively. Drive-in theater and quality restaurants are also must-visits for romantic dates.

Period: Sep. 28 – Sep. 28, 2016

Location: (Juam-dong) 107, Gyeongmagongwon-daero, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Venue: Special Stage in front of Happy Ville Grandstand of LetsRun Park Seoul

Inquiries: +82-2-514-0621

Website: http://www.ticketmonster.co.kr



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