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Children’s Market Place, Flea Market

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Children’s Market Place, Flea Market


A flea market was held on September 3 at Seongnam City Hall Plaza for children to learn about the principle of economy and preciousness of resources by selling recycled products themselves. The children’s flea market held between 1 pm to 4pm was a great success, attracting some 10,000 citizens. Some 600 teams of family-unit children who applied for participation beforehand sold various used goods such as recyclable clothes, school supplies, books, and living goods.

During the event, various auxiliary events such as food market, economy golden bell, world food culture experience hall, upcycling exhibition, and miniature making were held, attracting many family-unit visitors.

Children will voluntarily donate more than 10% of proceeds from the sales activities and will give away leftover goods to welfare facilities as well to help underprivileged neighbors.


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