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Korean Folk Village, 500 Freeze Tag Festival

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Korean Folk Village, 500 Freeze Tag Festival

Come join a large-scale game of tag at the “500 Freeze Tag” festival to be held in the traditional culture-themed park Korean Folk Village for two days on August 20 and 21. A crowd of five hundred will gather for a fun chase between yangban (noblemen, the chasers) and nobi (servants, the ones being chased) and a separate chase to beat the heat in the pouring rain. Separate stages will add to the fun with a variety of programs, including a “gift fight” over gifts from event sponsors. Tickets are available for sale at KRW 28,000 starting July 29 on social commerce website/application Ticket Monster.
Period: Aug. 20 – Aug. 21, 2016
Location: (Bora-dong) 90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Venue: Korean Folk Village
Inquiries: +82-31-288-0000, 2933
Website: http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr


TAG Festival

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