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Good Morning House

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Good Morning House


    Located near Gyeonggi-do Office in Hwaseo-dong, Daldal-gu, Suwon, Good Morning used to be the Provincial Governor’s residence where 22 governors lived over a period of 47 years starting 1967. Gyeonggi-do Province remodeled the place and opened it under the name “Good Morning House.” The remodeled building consists of 5 guest rooms, a large banquet hall, a mid-sized banquet hall, 3 exhibition halls, a good morning café, and an outdoor parking lot. A music concert is held on the grass plaza every Wednesday, and a humanities lecture is offered on Friday nights. If you do not have time during weekdays, you can enjoy dance and music during the music concert held every Saturday afternoon. A small outdoor wedding ceremony can be held as well.
    Website: www.goodmorning-house.com
    Inquiries: +82-31-248-2903


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