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Semiwon Lotus Flower Cultural Festival ‒ “Make the Mind Beautiful” 2016

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Semiwon Lotus Flower Cultural Festival ‒ “Make the Mind Beautiful” 2016


Yangpyeong-gun has constructed a water flower garden as an environmental learning site where history and culture coexist. It opens the garden during nighttime in summer free of charge for visitors. It also offers various nighttime programs such as exhibition, experience, and performance from 7 am to 10 pm.

Period: 7am ‒ 10pm, Jun. 25 (Sat.), Jul. 31 (Sun.), 2016 (Open all year round)
Venue: Semiwon, a garden of water and flowers
Target: Semiwon tourists
Event Content
‒ Exhibition: Five senses meet lotus lowers (Baengnyeonji Pond, Hongnyeonji Pond)
Life blossoming over sparkling water – Junk Art Exhibition
Purification & Stability – Lotus flowers are clean. Lotus flowers are serene. (2nd floor of the Lotus Flower Museum)
1st Paper Rolling Exhibition – Paper wants to be a flower
‒ Performance: Blossoming with lotus flowers (Performances such as dance, piri (flute) instrument, and sounds)
In search of Sim Cheong!
Exciting Art Nomadic Trader (ANT) (Communicative Performance with the audience)
‒ Experience: Tasting of steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaves
Lotus leaf tea experience
Lotus flower cultural experience class
‒ 3rd photography contest for visually impaired people
‒ Performance: Saturday Music Concert


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