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Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival 2016

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068945-horzUijeongbu Music Theater Festival 2016


The 15th Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival is held for ten days, from May 13 to 22, at the Uijeongbu Arts Center. Under the theme of “Art and Humanity,” the festival introduces various domestic and foreign music theaters, and stages a wide range of performances including an international circus music theater and outdoor performances that everyone can enjoy. The opening ceremony begins with a celebratory performance by volunteer workers, and is followed by a performance of “Arirang Fantasy” by the Gyeonggi Provincial Traditional Music Orchestra and a fireworks performance titled “A Stage of Kindling Flames” For the closing ceremony, Paul Potts, a British tenor who won the TV series Britain’s Got Talent in 2007, will give a special concert with Asian Classical Players Orchestra.

Inquiries: 031 828 5891~7

Website: http://www.umtf.or.kr


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