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Pyeonghwa Nuri Bicycle Tour in Yeoncheon 2016

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 Pyeonghwa Nuri Bicycle Tour in Yeoncheon 2016




The Pyeonghwa Nuri Bicycle Tour (May 14) is designed to allow participants to enjoy riding a bike in a quiet, secluded natural environment. The 19km course consists of bike paths and embankments, and runs from Imjinmul Saerom Land to the neighborhood of Gunnam Dam. Up to 300 applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis by May 9 at the official website of the event. The participation fee is KRW 10,000 and the rental fee is KRW 3,000.

Inquiries: 031-956-8310

Website: http://www.walkyourdmz.com


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