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A couple of Panda settled in Everland – Welcome to Panda World in Everland

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판다 1-horz

Endangered species of Pandas settled in Everland last month March and it is now showing to the public from 21st April. Everland prepared a customized home and habitat for its couple of cute pandas. This is a good opportunity to visit and see pandas that are in open space unlike other nation including U.S,Jpan,U.K ect. If lucky, visitors will be able to see the pandas climbing on the top of tress that almost looks too thin to support their weight and even pooping.

Before visitors reach the real animal pandas, everland prepared a round room surrounded with 36 tv to welcome guests. And then there will be more integrative devices which can be learnt about panda’s traits. Tablet PCs are connected to larger monitors so that guests can play games on panda and other tablets PCs provide information on eating habits of the pandas.

Visitor will get surprised by providing amazing cute gift shop, there are variety of panda products like panda mirror, pen, shirt, dulls, hair accessories and much more which visitors can bring it to their home with good memory.

The amusement park also plan to show a musical whose main characters are pandas later this month.

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