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Korea Folk Village in Gyeonggi Province

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*** Korea Folk Village in Gyeonggi Province ***

Posted by Williams Kyei


If you followed my previous posts, you would realize that, it is all about the sights and sounds of Gyeonggi province in Korea. In the next few months, I will be providing more contents about this beautiful region as I keep touring one-day-at-a-time. As the official slogan emphasizes, Gyeonggi province is the most charming region in Korea where the past, present and future comes together.

A couple of weeks ago, #GGSupporters (honorary ambassadors of Gyeonggi province) set out on our first field trip to amazing sites in the region. We visited the PAST; the Korea Folk Village in Yongin. Wow! I was excited to visit the much talked about traditional theme park, which gives you a peak into Korea’s yesteryears.

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