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Baekmiri Tidal Flat and Ansan Multicultural Market

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* Baekmiri Tidal Flat and Ansan Multicultural Market *

Posted by Nita Limanjaya

After leaving our warm and cozy pension at Yeouldo in Daebudo, we went to next destination Baekmiri which is famous of its tideland and seafood it takes  one hour to get to the here by bus from Seoul. This village was named Baekmi or Baekmi-ri because of different taste presented by its seafood….


Ansan is small city located just an hour subway ride away from downtown. even in the subway train to go to  Ansan station you will be amazed with number of foreigner in the train. To come here just stop at Ansan Subway Station Line 4 and across the street you will find the multicultural street market. Ansan have a lot of factory and company, and most of the workers come from different countries and cultural background and of course food!!…

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