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Everland “Kochia Festival”

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Everland “Kochia Festival”

Everland is holding “Kochia Festival,” which will show bursts of yellow and red in the surrounding areas of Everland, from October 2 to 25.


The name “Kochia” is derived from “Kochia scoparia,” which is the botanical name of an annual plant that is very familiar to many Koreans. In autumn, Koreans cut down and dry the plants and make brooms from them. From early autumn when the cold winds blow and the temperature difference between day and night becomes big, the leaves and stems of Kochia turn scarlet red earlier than other plants as chlorophyll decreases and anthocyanin increases. When the red color reaches its peak, the plant looks like a flaring fire; thus, it is also called “Burning Bush.”

Everland provides an exotic autumn view by exhibiting some 40,000 Kochias within and outside Everland, such as Four Seasons Garden, Rose Garden, and Global Fair, starting from the entrance. It also offers various visitor-participatory events during the Kochia Festival period. From late October to early November, the leaves of several thousands of trees of some 10 species — such as ginkgo trees, maple trees, zelkova, cherry trees, and oak trees — will attract millions of visitors from home and abroad.

Period: Oct. 2nd – 25th

Venue: Everland

Tel: +82-31-320-5000

Homepage: www.everland.com


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