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Hallyu Trips for Reporters

Paju (Provence, Heyri Art, Odu Mountain Unification Observatory)

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*** Paju (Provence, Heyri Art, Odu Mountain Unification Observatory) ***

Posted by Adeline Tan Suk Yee

Hello everyone, let me share with you about Paju city in Gyeonggi-do. The city is located just south of Panmunjeom on the 38th parallel. To defend the Korean capital, Seoul, many US and Korean army bases are set up in the city.


The first place we go is Provence Village (프로방스 마을). At the entrance of Provence Village, there are a lot of foregin restaurant. Provence Village is a village which have a lot of unique shop. Every shop is connected with each other. Provence Village open at 10am. Drama ‘You Who Come From The Star’ some scene is taken from here…

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