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[özlem gökçekaya ]PyeongTaek; fun and delicious…

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PyeongTaek; fun and delicious…

Last week we had fun and exactly delicious trip with GG supporters.

Firstly, we visited Ansan Gingko Tree Road. It’s a pure nature and dreamy scenery. You can date with your boy/girlfriend here or hang out with your friends also taking good photoshots. All the photos we took was so good here. And i saw on online; it’s possible to make concept photoshoots – like wedding or family- here. It’s summer now so the trees are so green and it makes cool weather when you walk under. But best season to visit is between September-November cause fallen leaves. I’m gonna add that season photos also. The road is in front of HyeunChungsa Temple and in these days going on an public art Project by Asan Made. When you visit you’ll see on the road that grafitti arts. It’s good.

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